Your Ultimate Guide to a Local Thanksgiving

Use everything in your CSA this week for your Thanksgiving sides! Check out the recipes compiled below for a little bit of Thanksgiving inspiration, and if you haven’t purchased a turkey yet, we can take care of that too. Visit our online shop to reserve your bird today and our farm-fresh recipe page for more Fall recipes! Note quantities in each recipe may vary from quantities in your bag, but you can easily adjust the measurements to fit your needs! Happy Holidays from the hub!


  apple whole wheat scones   Sauteed Apples   apple walnut stuffing    fennel


  arugula salad   butternut-Squash-Quinoa-and-Arugula-4-of-4-666x1000

Butternut Squash

   spice butternut squash   Butternut squash gratin   bread-pudding_300


  FW1105FTG02   carrot cheesecake   brown-sugared-carrots-mscs103-640x360-288x162

Collard Greens

  FW1105WTG04   200811-r-creamed-collard-green

Long Island Cheese Pumpkin

  pumpkin gravy   pumpkin quesidillas   pumpkin penne


  orange radishes

Sweet Potatoes

  FW1105FTG03   FW1102FWB05   FW1102FWB07   Semi-Sweet Potato Gratin_HiRes


  mashed turnips   turnip casserole   turnips mushrooms carrots