Carole Colter

Executive Director

Carole currently serves as the Executive Director of GrowMemphis, Bring It Food Hub, and Memphis Tilth, a Memphis based nonprofit focused on cultivating collective action for health of land, food, people, and place. Carole also serves as a consultant for the Memphis Center for Food and Faith, working on food systems issues related to: increasing community access to healthy local food, addressing issues of food equity, social justice, and economic disparities, as well as connecting rural and urban agriculture initiatives for sustainable food systems change.

Carole Colter’s local food system experience started in 2010 with undergraduate research on alternative land use for vacant urban property including community gardens, a GrowMemphis graduate internship in 2012, and a Housing and Community Development Fellowship that focused on the development of the Food Advisory Council, The Green Machine Mobile Food Market, and the Double Green$ farmers market incentive program. After graduating from the University of Memphis with a Master of Public Administration in Public Management and Policy in 2013, Carole served as the Food Policy Coordinator for the Food Advisory Council (FAC) for Memphis and Shelby County accomplishing significant local policy changes and food equity initiatives.

Aside from her academic career and community work, Carole maintains a home garden with a backyard flock of chickens. “I am committed to natural and sustainable growing practices and hope to encourage my community in becoming more knowledgeable about food sources and food security through urban agriculture. I think this message starts at home.” As a Memphian and as a mother, Carole feels very strongly about public service and commitment to community.

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