Tubby Creek Farm

Tubby Creek Farms - Bring It Food Hub

Tubby Creek Farm is the working farm and homestead of Josephine and Randy Alexander, located in Ashland, Mississippi. We are firmly committed to regenerative agriculture – we want to grow food in a way that not only sustains the land but heals and improves it. Likewise, we strive to support the health, well being and livelihood of all those who our farming touches, including, of course, the people who eat our food!

Production Practices: The farmland was acquired in spring of 2011, until which time it had been used to grow commodity crops using conventional techniques. We are actively working to build soil rich in organic matter and healthy biological communities in the soil by using cover crops, green manures, and natural soil amendments. We grow your food with love, sunshine, water and a lot of compost but no synthetic chemicals because we are devoted to the safety of our food and the health of the land. As our farm matures, we plan to integrate livestock into our permaculture design, seeking to “close the loop” as much as we can to make our farm function as a self-sustaining organism.

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