Green Girl Produce

Green Girl Produce - Bring It Food Hub

Green Girl Produce is the first vertical indoor farm in Memphis, Tn supplying the city and our Deluxe CSA with delicious micro-greens. Her little plants are 40 times more nutritious in their infant stages (when harvested) than when fully grown and are completely packed with flavor. She currently produces brassica’s, which include arugula and radish, and grow in as little as 10 days. She also raises a few slow growing varieties such as basil, parsley, red-veined sorrel, amaranth, and her secret rainbow mix that can take up to 20 days to grow. These plants grow in a 280 sq. foot hydroponic fodder system that Self designed herself. “It took a lot of tweaking,” she said, but she finally has a system that works well, producing 40 – 50 lb. of micro-greens per week at full capacity. The process is simple once the technology of the system is working smoothly. She sows the seeds in the tray, adjusts the lighting and water continuously throughout the growing period, put’s a little love in them, harvests, packages and cleans her system, and voilà, her micro-greens are on their way to you.

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