Help us increase access to fresh fruits and vegetables in Memphis by Paying It Forward



What is Pay It Forward

For every $20 donation, Bring It Food Hub is able to supply a week’s worth of fresh, local produce to residents of 38126 and 38016 experiencing food insecurity. Pay It Forward’s bags are donated directly to students of the Advance Memphis Work Life Program who are enrolled in Memphis Tilth’s Community Garden and Kitchen Elective. Through our elective, the students learn the nutritional value of the food in the Pay It Forward bags and how to cook the food at home for their families.

More about the Advance Memphis Work Life Program:

More about our Community Kitchen Program:

Why support Pay It Forward

Repeated research demonstrates strong links between limited access to healthy fresh foods and health risks in the home. Limited access to healthy fresh foods in many Memphis neighborhoods is all too real.  By sponsoring a Pay It Forward subscription of weekly fresh from the farm produce, you will help Bring It Food Hub create better access that leads to healthier homes. For more information on food and health related challenges in Memphis, please read our blog.

You can purchase as many Pay It Forward bags as you wish by clicking here. You can also select this item as an add-on when signing up for your own weekly produce subscription.

What makes our Pay It Forward Program So Effective

Many neighborhood level community organizations in Memphis have worked long and hard to cultivate the kind of relationships critical to transformative developmental work.  Bring It Food Hub links directly to these organizations, maximizing our shared aims.

Our community partners help us to identify Pay It Forward recipients.  They help us to set the requirements for eligible recipient homes.  Additionally, they help us with our weekly donation program.  Bring It Food Hub oversees a successful multi-farm produce subscription.  If a subscriber is on vacation or otherwise indisposed, they might opt to donate their weekly bag of fresh produce through our Pay It Forward network.  Any unclaimed bag goes directly into the network to be donated and never wasted.

Bring It Food Hub partners with congregations, community centers, and grassroots service providers who are trusted by their neighbors.  Here’s a sampling of our partners: All Saints Presbyterian, Advance Memphis, The YMCA and the Church Health Center.  The list of partners is growing. Our close relationship with neighborhood level community partners helps us to wisely and effectively steward your support!

In 2015 we aim to reach 50 homes in Memphis through our Pay It Forward program.  Please consider helping us attain this goal. 

Because the Bring It Food Hub network carries forward the largest multi-farm produce subscription in the city, we not only support local farmer livelihood, we also provide an amazing array fruits and vegetables.  Our product is a BIG bag of local goodness. Your Pay It Forward support will provide a home with a bounty of fresh food!

Our committed farmers and good farms provide the best of fresh food for our Pay It Forward recipients.  Your support of this program directly empowers our best farmers to keep caring for their land and growing great food for years to come!

Our 2016 Farmers, with more coming this season

McKaskle Family Farm       Jus Joe’s Farm                           Ly Vu Produce                    Wilson Gardens

Green Girl Produce            Woodson Ridge                          Little Farms                         Peggy’s Blueberry Farm

Jones Orchard                    Harris Farm                               Falcon Ridge Farm              St. Bethany’s Fresh

Wild Goose Gardens          Urban Farms                              Tubby Creek Farm               Delta Sol Farm

Fraser Farms                     Jack’s Farmacy                          Rosecreek Farms                 Winchester Farm

Hillbilly Acres                      Tims Family Farm                      Richardsons Farm                Troyer Farm

We are a 501(c)(3) organization which classifies Bring It Food Hub as a public charity in Memphis and allows you to deduct your donation from your taxes.