CSA Day is Here!

Today is CSA Day, a tradition which was started in 2014 by an organization called Small Farm Central. The purpose of the effort is to celebrate the hard work of local farmers across the country, and take the opportunity to support them by joining their CSAs.

What exactly is a CSA? “CSA stands for ‘community supported agriculture,’ which is a direct-to-customer business model for farmers. In the traditional CSA model, people pay for a season’s worth of produce sometimes months in advance. This is great for the farmers because they get the revenue when they most need it to get ready for the growing season.”

Purchasing a CSA is a commitment to an individual farm; A seasons worth of guaranteed sale’s which can carry the farm through what can be a very tumultuous financial situation of waxing and waning restaurant or farmers market sales. When you purchase a CSA from an individual farm, you are putting your name on a piece of ground and you are truly along for the ride. With that commitment comes any number of issues which might arise: a failed crop, infestation, a sudden unfortunate change in weather, and so on can affect the volume you see in your share each week. Conversely, sometimes there is a surplus which you also get to experience. Purchasing a CSA from a single farm is always an exciting prospect.

Here at the Bring It Food Hub we employ a different approach. As an aggregator of fresh local food which works to expand market opportunities to specialty crop growers in our area, we offer a similar experience to a CSA. However, since we do not have any physical property and purchase produce from farmers, we do not offer a true CSA but rather a Produce Subscription. This approach gives us a different opportunity to support our farmers, by offering them a diversified revenue stream aside from their individual farm CSA sales, farmers market sales, and restaurant sales. Furthermore, farmers selling into our Produce Subscription service have the chance to extend their brand to a new audience as we take their beautiful product and name, to our drop sites throughout the area. People who otherwise might not have ever heard of these small growers now have the chance to experience them firsthand in their home kitchens. We are proud of our work with our farmers and are continually expanding our roster of growers.

So this CSA Day we encourage you to take part in a subscription, whether it be through an individual farm, or by supporting multiple farms at once through the Bring It Food Hub Produce Subscription.  This weekend we are offering a 10% discount on all Subscription orders as well as a free Bring It Food Hub tote bag! Use the code CSADAY at checkout to take advantage of this deal. Spring 2017 Subscriptions are now available for sign up at www.BringItFoodHub.com.

Looking to take part in a single farm CSA? Check out these great farms!