Bring It Food Hub’s The Cannery to Permanently Close This Fall

Press Release from Bring It Food Hub

By Melissa Dison
Operations Manager of Memphis Tilth
June 11, 2016

Memphis, TN – Bring It Food Hub will dissolve this Fall to become a program of the newly formed nonprofit, Memphis Tilth, and shift its focus to operating a community kitchen, rather than a commercial kitchen.

The Tennessee Department of Health recently awarded Bring It Food Hub funding to begin a community kitchen at Advance Memphis this September. Advance Memphis is a local nonprofit that supports economic development for the lowest income zip code in the nation, 38126. This is an incredibly exciting opportunity for Bring It, Advance Memphis, and the 38126 community. Most of the food cooked will be sourced from gardens right outside of the community kitchen, cooked by and served to members of the surrounding neighborhood.

The Cannery will support current clients until September 1, 2016, at which point the commercial kitchen equipment owned by Bring It Food Hub will be transferred to the new community kitchen. Bring It Food Hub cannot accept new Cannery clients at this time due to the transition; we appreciate your understanding.

Bring It Food Hub will move into the new Memphis Tilth Headquarters space at 575 Suzette, Memphis, TN 38126 by this November. 694 Madison, where the food hub is currently located, will be available to rent after November 30, 2016.

Other commercial kitchens in the Memphis area include the following:

Delta Cuisine Commercial Kitchen
West Memphis, AR

Crosstown Concourse – Church Health Center Commercial Kitchen (opening early 2017)
Memphis, TN

Contact Information:  
Bring It Food Hub
694 Madison Ave
Memphis, TN 38103