Thanksgiving Meats & Produce Box

Day 327.Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. My extended family is quite enthusiatic about food, and we typically go a little crazy cooking for Thanksgiving. This year was particularly extravagant: for a dinner with 23 people (4 of whom were under 5), we had 26 different dishes, including 4 pies, 3 other desserts, 9 vegetable sides, 3 kinds of stuffing (plus savory bread pudding), 2 salads, 2 kinds of cranberry sauce, turkey, and gravy. It was amazing.Despite this abundance, the turkey is undoubtedly the start of the show at Thanksgiving, and so is my picture for the day. This turkey in particular, from Hettie Belle Farm in Western Mass and cooked by my dad, was incredible. A few pictures of sides and desserts are in the comments.

Just in time for Thanksgiving, we offer you the opportunity to set your table with local meats and produce! The meat options come from our partners at Marmilu Farms and Loch Holland Farm. The Thanksgiving Produce Box will include various produce, such as root vegetables, greens, and fruit from local farmers.

These items can be purchased at our online store under the “Meats” and “Vegetables” tabs:

Available meats
Local Boston Butt (frozen) – $51.48 (with tax), about 9 lbs
Local Picnic Roast (frozen) – $37.54 (with tax), about 9 lbs
Local Half Ham (frozen) – $80.44 (with tax), about about 9 lbs
Local Turkey (frozen) – $85.80 (with tax), 17-20 lbs

Available produce
Thanksgiving Produce Box – $37.54 (with tax)

Meat and produce boxes can be picked up on Friday, November 20th between 12pm and 7pm at the Bring It Food Hub at 694 Madison Avenue, Memphis, TN, 38103. If you have any questions about these special holiday items, please email us at