How It Works

Step 1: Are You Hungry?

Local food is better for you! Fresh picked, local fruits and vegetables taste better and are better for your health. We source all of our fruits and veggies from farmers in the Mid-South. By shopping with us, your money stays here in the Mid-South.  It goes to local farmers, so you know who is growing your food, where it’s grown, and how it’s grown.  Let us Bring It to you!

Step 2: Farmers Grow the Food

Bring It works closely with our producers in Memphis and the Mid-South who follow sustainable production practices that conserve both the natural resources and biodiversity we strive for at Bring it Food Hub. Farming is hard work but it is essential to our way of life. The prices we pay our farmers help ensure the success that they deserve. We wouldn’t be us without them.

Step 3: We Package It

We source a variety of local, sustainably produced foods from our farmers. This includes: both fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, eggs, dairy, meats, organic grains, as well as a number of value-added foods such as locally roasted coffee, fresh-baked goods, and much more. We combine these into a multi-farm produce subscription delivered weekly to a convenient location near you.

Step 4: We Bring It!

Bring It Food Hub adds convenience to your grocery shopping! Enjoy convenient pick up at one of our delivery locations in the city, or just swing by our hub located on Madison Avenue. Get 5 or more of your friends or co-workers to sign up for a weekly fresh produce subscription, and we will make your place of work a delivery point each week. Learn More